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Constrution Phase | Frauenkirche Dresden

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Testing the window shape

Testing the scale of the main window. The shape of the LEGO arched elements define the scale of the window.

Other sizes have to correspondent to the size of the main window.

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Floor plan of the Frauenkirche

This floor plan helped a lot cause it shows windows and walls.

Such a plan also helps to find the right location for the main columns.

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The beginning of a challenging project

The beginning. The scale was defined by the arched bricks.

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Sheer plan

I also used this sheer plan to work out the dimensions and relations.

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SNOT was used to build the facade

SNOT was used to build the facade – simply stacking bricks on each other whould have been to easy :-]

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Construction the tower

The tower grows. It is helpful to build the outer facade, the window and the inside parallel.

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Ruin of tower "E"

A real challenge: the old structure in tower "E".

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Just a little bit of new sandstone

Sometime a tan part was needed.

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Beginning to build the inside

Building the inside needed some planing.

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3 and 4 studs wide columns

The lower church is finished. Slowly everything grows. At this stage I didn't know if the main columns should be 3 or 4 studs wide. In the end they became 3 studs wide.

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First floor gallery structure

The column design is fixed so let's go on with the inside structure.

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Verzwickter Innenausbau

It's tricky inside. No right angles at this stage …

The columns are growing. It's very helpful to build all eight columns in parallel to not forget how it was done with the first one.

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Just another two weeks …

Two weeks before 1000steine-Land in Berlin event the church looked like this.

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Building the Inner Dome

The Inner Dome was build using a quarter of a shere with tiles on top. I just had to add another layer of bricks on top of this shere and remove the whole structure later.

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Skizze built with LEGO Steinen

To build the Dome I used a kind of "mold" build with LEGO bricks to get the proportions right.

After 300 hours of work between March and August 2006 the Frauenkirche was finished and presented to the public in Berlin.

Building instructions and part lists

There are no building instructions und part lists available for the models shown on this web site. There are no engineering drawings available. To build the LEGO models only photographs from the real prototypes were used. All models are unique and not for sale.

Why doesn't building instructions exist?