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Modelmaking with LEGO

Open L-Gauge

Open L-Gauge is a community library for LEGO train models, available for free, to anyone. The goal of Open L-Gauge is to encourage the sharing of ideas, and make the LEGO train hobby more accessible to newcomers.

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New book: LEGO-Eisenbahnwelt (cover image)

Rediscover childhood memories!

In autumn 2022, my second book entitled LEGO®-Eisenbahnwelt: Die 80er Jahre: Modelle – Landschaften – Sets (LEGO® Train World: The 80s: Models – Landscapes – Sets) was published by dpunkt.verlag.

About the book:

  • Everything about the legendary LEGO train series of the 80s.
  • Detailed panoramic photos of LEGO train landscapes and sceneries
  • Building instructions for models in the style of the time, also for the current Powered UP system
  • All sets of the "Grey Era" of the 80s: Info, minifigures, tips

You played with a LEGO trains in the 80s? In this book you will meet your set from back then again! I describe all LEGO train sets of that time and take you into the world of trains and minifigures with large-format panoramic views of LEGO train dioramas.

Building instructions for your own new models in the style of the "Grey Era" inspire you to build them yourself; among them are models that integrate LEGO's latest powered-up motors with Bluetooth control. By the way, such models also run on the current tracks - driving fun for young and old is guaranteed.

Collectors of the sets of the legendary "Grey Era", named after the colour of the tracks, will refer to the book with its detailed list of all sets of the time and lots of background information as a reference.

The book is published in German, but contains many pictures and photos and is easy to read. And maybe there will be another English translation soon?

  1. Further information about this book: LEGO®-Eisenbahnwelt: Die 80er Jahre: Modelle – Landschaften – Sets
  2. Go to Parts lists for models from the book
  3. The book at dpunkt.verlag (no affiliate link)
  4. The book at amazon.de (no affiliate link)
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Loading the inland vessel

12 Volt MOC: River Port

My entry for Brick Train Awards 2022 in the "Best Group or Individual Display" category.

An inland river port with container and bulkload cranes, a chemical plant and old and new buildings in the classic style of the "Grey Era". The small locomotives are driven by mini motors and a Bluetooth hub from circuitcubes.com. The stationary decoupling unit and the mini turntable are powered by old 12 Volt Technic motors which are hidden underneath the platform.

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LEGO sorting units

Storage solutions: HoMa on brickset.com

Huw from brickset.com publishs inside stories of LEGO rooms and sorting concepts of various LEGO fans. On Mai, 18th 2020 my LEGO room was featured.

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Building instructions for the TEE nose

The Trans Europ Express, Two Versions of the Iconic Train in LEGO

Enrico Lussi encouraged me to help with an article about our VT 11.5 TEE MOCs on BrickModelRailroader.

As little extra I made a building instruction for the complex nose of my VT 11.5 TEE.

  1. Read the full article at brickmodelrailroader.com
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2nd edition of my LEGO train book

2nd edition of my LEGO train book

The 2nd edition of my book „LEGO® Eisenbahn – Konzepte and Techniken für realistische Modelle“ was published.

Expanded and updated content:

  • Powered-Up system
  • Expanded overview of third party products
  • Design process of the VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)
  • New preface for the 2nd edition
  • New front cover image
  • ISBN number: 978-3-86490-641-1
  1. Further information about this book: LEGO® Eisenbahn – Konzepte and Techniken für realistische Modelle
  2. The book at dpunkt.verlag
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English version of my LEGO Trains book


The US-based publishher No Starch Press released THE LEGO® TRAINS BOOK as translation of my book LEGO® Eisenbahn – Konzepte and Techniken für realistische Modelle in October 2017.

  1. Go to LEGO TRAINS BOOK on www.nostarch.​com/​legotrains
  2. Review on Brick Model Railroader
  3. Review on Brickset
  4. Review on BricksFanz
  5. Review on HispaBrick Magazine

Based on the English version futher translations showed up on various markets, e.g. Spain, Italy and Russia. Also, a Chinese version is available as direct translation from the German original version.

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My „License to play“

My „License to play“ … my old driver's license from LEGOLAND Billand (DK).