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Steam locomotive BR 10

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BR 10 steam locomotive in the version of 2016

New version of my favorite BR 10 steam locomotive. In comparison my first version from 2001 looks rather bulky.

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Building Instructions for steam locomotive BR 10

A building instruction for my BR 10 steam locomotive is available as PDF download: HolgerMatthes_instructions_BR10.pdf (86 pages, ca. 18,6 MB)

Parts list as Excel sheet (XLSX): Download

Parts list as PDF (PDF): Download

Parts list as Wanted List for BrickLink (XML): Download

I do not guarantee the correctness of the parts lists!

Note: buying elements:

There is no one Bricklink shop that offers all the parts you need. It will definitely be necessary to place multiple orders from multiple shops. Possible sources of supply:

For further information on the procurement of individual elements see Material Procurement.

Building and selling my models

My building instructions are available for free. Building these models is only allowed for personal use. Building these models with the purpose of selling them and make your own profit is prohibited.

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Driving rod set by Bricks-on-Rails

Bricks-on-Rails.de offers a driving rod set for the BR 10 in his online shop.

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Correct orientation of drive wheels.
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False orientation of drive wheels.

Make sure that you use a 90° off-set for drive wheels.

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BR 10 steam locomotive in the version of 2016

My new version has moving pistons and rods. They are driven by BBB train wheels size "XL".

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Tender of my BR 10 steam locomotive

The Power Functions receiver and battery box is hidden in the tender. 2 Power Functions train motors underneath the tender pushes the locomotive forward.



Drive: 2x Power Functions train motors, receiver and battery in the tender
Type: 8-wide, 2'C1' h3 steam locomotive
Train Wheels: BBB train wheels size "S" and "XL"
Total Length: ~0,55 m
Year of Construction: 2016