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Dome | Frauenkirche Dresden

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Dome and Clock Tower

The dome ist probably the most impressive part of the church.

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Small windows at the dome

The upper part of the dome was a real challenge. Even 8 small windows needed to be included.

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Full view of the dome.

This dome is the biggest dome build with sandstone north of the alps in Europe. The dome both in the real church and in the model is supported by 8 columns.

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Module "Dome"

The modul "dome" is just lifed out of the dome ring and could be stored and transported. See the inner ramp at the bottom of the modul.

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Inside view of the dome (view from above)

Inside view of the dome (view from above).

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Inside view of the dome (view from below)

Inside view of the dome (view from below). Thanks to labixinho for the fotograph.

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The ring

The ring supports the dome. It is build out of 30 identical segments and there is a lot of tension on the LEGO bricks.

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The ring (detail)

240 1x1x1 Headlight bricks in tan, darkgrey and black were used.

Building instructions and part lists

There are no building instructions und part lists available for the models shown on this web site. There are no engineering drawings available. To build the LEGO models only photographs from the real prototypes were used. All models are unique and not for sale.

Why doesn't building instructions exist?