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12 Volt River Port

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Loading the inland vessel

An inland river port with container and bulkload cranes, a chemical plant and old and new buildings in the classic style of the "Grey Era". The small locomotives are driven by mini motors and a Bluetooth hub from circuitcubes.com. The stationary decoupling unit and the mini turntable are powered by old 12 Volt Technic motors which are hidden underneath the platform.

The large inland vessel is loaded. The container crane lifts the containers from the rail directly onto the ship in the water.

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Another cargo ship arrives

Another cargo ship is looking for a place at the quay to unload its cargo.

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Classic 4x8 containers on the inland vessel

The journey of the classic 4x8 containers now continues on the water.

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The cargo ship is unloading

The dredging crane gradually unloads the cargo ship. A small road-rail vehicle has already moved the silo wagon from #7838 into position.

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Köf and bulk freight wagons

A small Köf shunting locomotive shunts two bulk freight wagons #4536 in brown to their destination. The Köf is driven by a Circuitcubes motor, a second mini motor from Circuitcubes controls the magnetic coupling. This creates a mobile uncoupling unit similar to the one in my Vollert Robot DER 100, only in the style of the 80s.

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Chemical plant with tank wagon

The orange-green tank wagon is refueled. For this purpose, the supply line is swung over the filler neck. The buildings, tanks and overpasses of the chemical plant are colorlessly sober but functional.

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Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is used to load bulk material directly from the dump truck into the red freight car from #7730.

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Old Harbour

Old half-timbered houses still stand in the old part of the harbor. The harbor master still has his workplace in the narrow tower.

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Water Police

The water police ensures regulated traffic in the narrow harbor area.