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Lattice Boom Crane

The real one

The model makers from kibri sell a similar crane in 1:87 scale. Real size cranes are hard to find on a normal construction site, even if they reach a height of over 180 metres.

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LEGO lattice boom crane in minifigure scale

The LEGO model

In Oktober 2000 the first version of my minifigure scale mobile lattice boom crane was built. The 10-axle crane car is 8-wide. The upper structure first had only a main boom. In 2001 a second counter-boom for additonal counterweight and a jib was added. The maximum height of this model is 150 cm!

This model is not motorised. The winches has to be turned manually by hand.

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The 10-axle crane car
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The first version only had one main boom
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close-up view
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configuration with counter-boom


Building instructions and part lists

There are no building instructions und part lists available for the models shown on this web site. There are no engineering drawings available. To build the LEGO models only photographs from the real prototypes were used. All models are unique and not for sale.

Why doesn't building instructions exist?